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Mississippi Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare supplement plans are also called Medigap plans. And Medigap plans in Mississippi are standardized. That means the insurance companies that sell them must use the preset model plans established by the insurance commissioners. The benefits of each plan type are the same from any company that sells them.

The premiums and the financial ratings of the company as well as the level of service provided is where these plans differ. Because Medicare supplemental plans are our specialty, we can help you know which Mississippi Medigap plans have the lowest premiums and inform you about other factors that can help you make the right decisions. We help you save on Meidcare supplemental in Mississippi.

According the the Kaiser Family Foundation, about 25% of Medicare beneficiaries had some sort of Medigap insurance at the end of 2009.

Medicare Advantage Plans

Some people may prefer not to purchase Medicare supplement insurance because the premiums may be too expensive. Medicare Advantage Plans are another way to receive your Medicare benefits and would provide more insurance than Original Medicare alone. They are not supplemental coverage but they provide safeguards against catastrophic costs. They can include your prescription drug benefits and some other services that Original Medicare does not have. Premiums are generally much lower than Medicare supplement insurance.

At the end of 2012, the Kaiser Family Foundation reported that 55,000 Mississippians were enrolled in Medicare Advantage and the trend is rising.

Prescription, Dental, Vision, Hearing Coverage

Medicare Part D prescription coverage is an important part of your healthcare insurance. We can help you find the plan that will give you low monthly copays. For many generic drugs there is no copay at all. We also have several dental vision & hearing plans to help protect you against high medical costs.

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