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Mississippi Health Insurance Solutions That Protect Your Lifestyle - Are You Protected?

  • Health Insurance - primary & gap coverage to pay hospitals, doctors, etc.
  • Medicare - Health Insurance for people over 65 or disabled. Supplemental Medicare coverage pays the deductibles & the 20%
  • Life Insurance - Pays financial compensation for loss of a breadwinner, business partner, or to pay off debts
  • Disability Insurance - replaces income if you are disabled
  • Long Term Care Insurance - pays for home care, assisted living facilities or nursing home care

Insurance Protection Against Life's Perils

Thanks to new advances in medical technology, the healthcare system in the United States can keep us feeling better and living longer than ever before. But all this comes at a price and it's not cheap. That is why health insurance is so important. New legislation requires everyone to participate in health insurance and anyone can get covered regardless of their health. People are generally covered either by Medicare, Medicaid or an affordable care act plan.


If you have Medicare and are not covered under a group, union or veterans plan, you will need to choose between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage. The plan you choose will determine your benefits, what doctors you go to and how much financial responsibility you have.

Original Medicare allows you to buy a Medicare supplement insurance to pay some of what Medicare doesn't pay and gives you the freedom to pick your own drug coverage. Medicare Advantage has built in protection against catastrophic costs but does not allow you to buy a supplemental insurance. For more information about Medicare plan types and benefits, call or visit our Medicare Page.

Health Insurance Under The New Law

Unless you have an exemption, the Affordable Care Act now requires all citizens to carry health insurance. Subsidies are available for those individuals with low incomes. The subsidies will lower the premium and the deductibles. You must buy the insurance through to be eligible for the subsidy. There are tax penalties for those who do not comply with the law. For more information and to see if you qualify for a subsidy, call us at 1-877-290-4200 or visit our Major Medical Page.

Gap Insurance For People Not On Medicare

How will you pay for the high deductibles and the 20% under Obamacare? There are a variety of Gap insurance plans available to cover the costs. We are now offering a new Gap policy that pays better than any of the plans we have previously had. We encourage you to give us a call to see how affordable this Gap coverage can be for you and your family.

Gap Insurance For Employers And Employees

Gap insurance is now available as to employee groups. Medical underwriting may not apply in some cases. If there is someone on Medicare in the group, they may be eligible for better benefits and a lower premium if they are taken off the group plan and enrolled in an individual Medigap plan. This can result in huge savings for the employer and the employee. We recently helped many AT&T retirees who lost there group benefits obtain a Medigap insurance policy.

Long Term Care Insurance

70% of people over 65 will need some long term care in their lifetime. Your life savings and your independence are at stake. A debillitating illness can cost you your life's savings and your independence. It can also cost your children their way of life.

If you are age 50 or more, the time has come to plan for Long Term Care expenses. The cost of waiting is extremely expensive because the insurance premiums are based on your age when the policy is issued. Call for a free Long Term Care guide so you can begin to educate yourself. Call 1-877-290-4200 today.

Disability Insurance

If you don't work you don't get paid. Right? So if you are disabled who will pay your monthly bills? What about your business partner? What if he or she can't work. Are you willing to pick up their slack indefinitely?

Social Security doesn't pay much and it could take years to get your disability approved. Failure to plan means a plan to fail. Protect yourself and your family. Call 1-877-290-4200 today for a quote.

How Do You Choose?

Call us! We are here to help. These plans can be very complex and it pays to have the help of an independent broker to guide you through the process. We can arrange a meeting at our office or in the comfort of your own home. Call 1-800-290-4200 Today!

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