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On a mission to help ONE MILLION medicare beneficiaries

Bobby Brock got his insurance license in 1992. He worked tirelessly for years calling people straight out of the phone book to find people paying too much for their current Medicare Supplement policy who he could go see in person, build a relationship with, and hopefully save some money while keeping the standard of coverage they had become accustomed to.

In the late 1990s, Bobby began advertising in various ways with a small amount of money he inherited from his father after he died of cancer. Previously he had not had a lot of additional money to get into expensive methods of advertising, but because he believed in what he was doing and wanted to use this money to help more people and grow his business, he decided to partner with TV 53, a local Christian TV station, to advertise his services to its viewers.

It was a huge success. Bobby was getting a decent amount of phone calls and people began to recognize him from these ads making it easier for him to get past the barrier of trust people put up. Bobby Brock was a trustworthy agent, but people who didn’t know him would not know that. So, the advertising helped people feel like they knew him and that the station had vetted who it partnered with.

Soon Bobby started utilizing the same services with WTVA and then started mailing annual newsletters to his clients to keep them aware of changes. This went on at its current pace for quite a while. In 2006, Bobby’s oldest son Justin Brock joined the Marine Corps and moved away. After this happened he started feeling like he wanted to find a way to move to the East Coast where he was raised. This was around the time Ricky Credille had sold a previously owned business and entered the insurance market. Bobby formed an informal handshake partnership with Ricky that would allow them to cobrand together. They would brand as Brock and Credille insurance (Commonly misspelled as Brock and Criddle Insurance) using Bobby’s advertising methods. Bobby would answer the calls and handle service work while Ricky would go and see clients that needed to be seen face to face. This would allow Bobby to move to Summerville, South Carolina, and eventually McClellanville, South Carolina without sacrificing service or brand to his client base.

That all transpired around 2009-2011. Justin Brock exited the Marine Corps honorably in early 2014 and moved back to Tupelo, MS. Justin started working in the business and began to rapidly accelerate the growth of a stagnant business by finding fresh ways to reach consumers on Social Media and by networking with other business leaders in Tupelo, MS, and the surrounding towns. Jeff Credille a few years later retired from the school system and began to work with his dad and brother Randy full time. Due to the many people involved in both businesses at this point, the businesses’ informal arrangement became more difficult to hold up. Ricky and Bobby decided to be friendly businesses to one another but to no longer cobrand or share clients that would be acquired after the date of the decision.

Brock and Credille were again split into Bobby Brock Insurance and Ricky Credille Insurance. There is no bad relationship between the two businesses, and they have great working habits with one another. They regularly consult each other for issues related to a previously shared client and refer people to one another when the time calls for it.

Bobby Brock Insurance have become one of the best insurance agencies in the country known for their expertise in the Medicare and Health insurance fields. Justin now coaches over 10,000 agents nationwide on how to build a better Medicare agency and help more clients. Justin Brock and the Bobby Brock Insurance have grown to a 20 person award-winning agency based out of Tupelo but with 22,000 active Medicare clients in all 50 states.

Mission statement: On a Mission to Help ONE MILLION Medicare beneficiaries.

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How to Avoid 7 Costly Mistakes with Medicare

The rules pertaining to Medicare are confusing and the penalties and mistakes can be extremely costly. There are seven common mistakes people make that can cost them thousands of dollars and the freedom to choose their own doctor. Pretty bad stuff!

That’s why I prepared a free report –  

“How To Avoid Seven Costly Mistakes With Medicare”, and in it I will explain in simple terms:

  1. Enrollment Deadlines and How To Avoid Penalties
  2. Medigap Policies & the Open Enrollment Period
  3. When to Delay Enrollment in Medicare Part B
  4. Low Income Subsidies for Medicare Part D Prescription Plans
  5. The Difference Between Medicare Advantage and Medigap Plans
  6. What is Not Covered by Medicare
  7. Choosing a Part D Prescription Plan and the Importance of Annual Reviews

If you get good advice, all of these mistakes are avoidable, but you need Medicare help from an expert. Bobby Brock Insurance agents specialize in Medicare, and our agents are brokers who work for you and not the insurance company. Our brokers average over 12 years experience with Medicare, so call the experts!