A La Carte Medigap Plan: Wisconsin, Minnesota, Massachusetts

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When it comes to Medicare Supplements (Medigap plans), there are a few states that don’t act like the others: Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Massachusetts. The agent reference for these states or types of plans is “A La Carte”. The team at Bobby Brock Insurance how these Medigap plans work and how we can help.  

Medigap Plans: Then and Now

Most Medicare Supplement plans in 1992 were standardized. Then, they were changed a bit in 2010 and re-standardized. So, 47 states now offer the Plan F, G, N — these standardized Medicare Supplement plans that are the same in every state. 

However, there are three states that don’t have these standardization principles on their supplements. We usually refer to these states as A La Carte, like, on the side.  

What Do We Mean By A La Carte? 

You get to build the supplement with what you want it to cover. It’s sort of like putting a puzzle together. Within these three states, you must add in the specific coverage that you want. 

Wisconsin Base Plan

In Milwaukee, WI for example, they have the Wisconsin base plan, which has good Medigap coverage. However, since it doesn’t cover everything like a Plan F, G, or N would, you can add optional riders. These are:

  • The 50% Part A deductible rider
  • The Part B coinsurance rider
  • The Foreign Travel rider
  • The Part B deductible rider
  • The home health rider
  • The Part B excess rider
  • The Part A deductible rider

In other words, a rider is an “add-on” to the base policy — that provides additional benefits to suit your needs.

More on Optional Riders

With some of these optional riders, you can’t do both. You can’t do the 50% Part A deductible rider and the Part A deductible rider. One is 50% coverage and one is 100% coverage of the same thing — that Part A hospital admission deductible. 

It’s not an extremely complicated concept. But a lot of times, people in these states look at Medicare Supplements and read all about Plans, F, G, and N — and they see that those plans don’t even exist there. Those are anomalies. 

Bobby Brock Insurance Can Help

If you live in Wisconsin, Minnesota, or Massachusetts, we can help you build a Plan G “look-alike” supplement by piecing those riders together, and making sure that all the right portions of your Medicare are covered. 

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