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Examining the "Medicare for All" Proposal

Examining “Medicare for All”

In the dynamic landscape of healthcare reform, the notion of universal coverage has been a subject of ongoing debate and contemplation. As someone deeply invested in the cause of accessible healthcare for all, the fervent advocacy for “Medicare for All” in the United States has piqued my interest. Putting aside

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Complications of the Shingles Vaccine

Vaccines. They’ve been quite the hot topic in the last few years and especially as of late. One of the most common vaccines that older adults get is the shingles vaccine. Many of the Medicare beneficiaries we speak with have questions about it, so today, we will answer those questions.

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Health Insurance in Tupelo, MS

Health insurance in Tupelo, MS has gone through huge changes in the last several years. When the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was passed in 2010, it took a few years to start seeing it go into effect. When I started my career in insurance after getting out of

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Health Matching Accounts

A More Conservative Approach to Insurance It is essential to understand that there are many ways to cover your medical expenses. The truth is that most people are constantly preparing for that moment when we will inevitably need healthcare, whether it be from some accident, sickness, childbirth, etc., so it

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Can I have both Medicare and individual health insurance?

What is Individual Health Insurance? Individual Health Insurance falls under several different names, with a changing role as you move through your life. As soon as you become eligible for Medicare insurance, Medicare will automatically assume the role of your primary insurance provider – unless you are already covered by

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Is it better to have Medicare as primary or secondary insurance?

What is the Difference Between Primary and Secondary Insurance? When it comes to healthcare insurance, most beneficiaries will select the plan and provider which offers them the most financial support in light of different medical scenarios they may find themselves in – for example, the expenses associated with a hospital

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