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Is Health Insurance the Next Real Estate in Terms of Investment?

Appreciating assets, renewal income and capital gains tax rates are all hot topics in the investment and entrepreneur space, but most people’s explorations of where to invest to capitalize on them are tired. One wildly undersung option is in the health insurance and associated Medicare sectors, which are on fire

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What Are Differences Between Medigap Plan G and Plan F?

With tens of millions of Americans enrolled in original Medicare, and with many enrollees adopting a Medicare supplement plan to enhance their healthcare services, the whole program can be pretty daunting. There are a number of decisions to make when joining Medicare that can have long-term impacts on your health

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What You Should Know About Medigap Plan G

If you are covered only by Original Medicare, you will likely find that Parts A and B don’t cover all you want them to. From prescription drugs and outpatient service to emergency room visits and more, Original Medicare leaves coverage gaps. To fill in these gaps in service, many people

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