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Social Security Card and Money

How to Maximize Your Social Security

Social Security is the backbone of the average retirement income. Social Security is available to anyone who has paid taxes for 10 years, and when you reach the minimum retirement agent of 62, you may file to receive these benefits. Also, you can receive Social Security Disability payments early if

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Addressing the Top 3 Concerns of an Older Generation

When cultural publications, like Rolling Stone, first started producing content that appealed to the Baby Boomers, I doubt very seriously that one day there would be content related to topics like “Are You Automatically Enrolled in Medicare?” or “How to Appeal Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amounts.” But just like people

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An elder woman and her daughter going over her Medicare

5 frequently asked questions about signing up for Medicare

There are a lot of birthdays that are significant in life. Many of these birthdays have meaning because they bring with them rites of passage, legal freedoms or life-altering benchmarks — but few birthdays are as significant as turning 65. It creeps up on many people, and they’re forced to

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