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Medicare Frequently Asked Questions

Is Medicare a state or federal program? Federal. The Medicare program was established in 1096 by president Lyndon B. Johnson. It is run by the Centers for Medicare and Medicare, which is a branch of the Health and Human Services department. Who is eligible for Medicare? There are several types

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2022 Medicare Premium and Deductible Estimates

Every year we look forward to reading the Annual Report of the Board of Trustees of the Federal Hospital Insurance and Federal Supplementary Insurance Trust Funds to get the new Medicare Premium and Deductible Estimates. Suppose you think we are nerds based on that terminology. In that case, this report

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5 Helpful Ways to Keep Drug Costs Down

Maintaining Annual Drug Costs Drug plans are not one size fits all and everyone’s specific needs should be addressed accordingly. Everyone is looking to stretch their dollar further when it comes to prescriptions. It comes down to just asking a few questions, being proactive, and you could potentially see a decrease

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Is Part D Right For Me?

Medicare Part D provides prescription drug coverage. It is an addition to Original Medicare, which does not cover prescription drugs. All Medicare Part D plans are required to cover a wide range of prescription drugs that people with Medicare take, including most drugs in certain protected classes like drugs to

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What is a Medicare-Preferred Pharmacy and How To Find One

Purchasing medications is one of the most expensive parts of healthcare on a day-to-day basis for many people. Medicare Part D covers prescription drug costs. Many Part D plans incentivize the patient to lower their costs. One of the ways people can lower their costs is by using a Medicare-preferred

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Part D Donut Hole vs. The Coverage Gap?

The Part D Donut Hole refers to the hole consumers find themselves in when they reach a certain threshold and are then required to pay more out-of-pocket. The Part D Donut Hole is the same as the coverage gap. To figure out why it’s called the Donut Hole and what

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