Do I need Supplement Plans with Medicare?


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What Support Does Medicare Offer - and What Doesn’t It Cover?

Medicare is a healthcare insurance system that seeks to provide financial support to those most in need of it. Through a series of plans and packages, Medicare offers beneficiaries different levels of cover depending on the financial obligations they are willing and able to meet. 

However, despite being created and designed to offer financial support to those who need it in the face of medical and healthcare bills, Medicare does not tick every box when it comes to affordable coverage. From the copayments and premiums required under the Original Medicare package to the deductibles associated with Parts C and D, finding health insurance that covers all your needs often requires looking beyond the limitations of Medicare and finding ways of supplementing your coverage. 

The Benefits of Supplement Plans

This is where supplement plans come in, offered by a series of different private health insurance providers that promise additional coverage once the initial Medicare insurance has run out. In essence, supplement insurance works by covering the costs which extend beyond the reach of your original insurance plan, including things like:

  • Copayments, Coinsurance, and Deductibles
  • Additional services not included under Original Medicare
  • Medical care outside of the United States (certain policies only)

Once your Medicare package has paid its agreed percentage of the total bill, your supplement insurance will kick in and pay the secondary portion. Any additional finances will be covered by the beneficiary – though, for the most part, those who sign up for supplement insurance tend to find it extremely beneficial.

Finding the Best Supplement Plan

There is a wide range of different supplemental insurance policies available to Medicare beneficiaries, with plans ranging from A through to N – each offering its own unique features and additional benefits. 

Supplement insurance is sold and fulfilled by private insurance companies, meaning that the cost of your supplemental insurance plan can vary depending on the state you live in and other variables such as age and locality. However, users can rest assured that the level of cover provided across the different Medicare supplement insurance plans are standardized across the United States, so the coverage and benefits will always remain the same no matter where you are. 

For additional support in determining your own healthcare insurance needs and whether a supplement insurance plan is right for you, Bobby Brock Insurance team is always on hand to guide and support your decision.

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