Medicare Supplement FAQs Answered

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Frequently asked questions about Medicare Supplements

  • Will my doctor accept my Medicare supplement? Yes any doctor that accepts Medicare will accept any standardized Medicare supplement plan.
  • Will my doctor accept a Medicare Advantage Plan? Maybe and maybe not. Medicare Advantage plans have networks. Some doctors elect not to participate and may not accept Medicare Advantage plans.
  • Can the insurance company raise my premiums if I have claims? Premiums for Medicare supplement insurance plans are increased if the claims for everyone in the state increase. If they are increased, everyone gets the same percentage increase. No one is penalized for individual claims.
  • Can someone with health problems get coverage even if they have been turned down before? Even if you have been turned down for coverage in the past, it is likely that you can still get approve for a policy.
  • Is there a danger of losing your coverage if you attempt to get a cheaper policy? You never cancel your existing coverage until your new coverage is approved. We are very careful to make sure no one loses their coverage.
  • Is it cheaper to buy a Medicare Supplement directly from the insurance company? You will pay the same price for a Medicare Supplement whether you buy from a broker or straight from the company. You should consider the expertise of our brokers and the personal service you get to be a value added.
  • What do I need to do if I want to try to get a cheaper policy? You need to call or email us to get started! 1-800-462-3980 or email 

This video by Justin Brock addresses some of the most frequently asked questions that people have. Please click on the video.

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