How We Find the Best Medicare Supplement Plans For Our Customers!

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Other than the copious amounts of “ums” and “ughs” I said in this video, the key takeaway is that we are able to shop all companies, in any zip code, under various sets of criteria. This is something that a lot of so called “brokers” don’t have access to.

When you have access to this information, including the financial stability of the companies listed and the rate increase histories, we are able to help you make excellent decisions in choosing your Medicare Supplement or Medigap Plan.

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Medigap Supplement Plan F

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Medicare Supplement Part F Quotes

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Justin Brock

Justin Brock

The CEO and President of Bobby Brock Insurance. A nationally syndicated Medicare advisor, best-selling author of Medicare Breakdown: The Alphabet Soup of Medicare, and pacesetter for over 20,000 senior market insurance agents. Featured in many insurance-related publications for his Medicare and Health insurance... Read More »

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