Medicare in Jackson, Mississippi

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Beyond Original Medicare, there are two main types of Medicare plans in Jackson, Mississippi: Medicare Supplement plans and Medicare Advantage plans. You will also see Medicare Supplement plans referred to as “Medigap” plans because they fill in the gaps that Original Medicare does not cover.

Both Medigap and Medicare Advantage enjoy widespread popularity throughout Jackson and Mississippi in general. We’ll talk about both plans below.

Medicare Advantage in Jackson, Mississippi

Enrollment in Medicare Advantage has been growing across the Jackson area in recent years. However, Jackson residents are not alone in this trend; as a nation, over 30% of all Medicare recipients also have a Medicare Advantage plan. You may also hear folks call these plans Medicare “Part C.”

Medicare Advantage plans are private health insurance plans that help you to pay your bills. Medicare Advantage plans are tied to networks, so if you enroll in an Advantage plan, you will have to agree to use that plan’s network of providers. Generally, these network’s will exist not just in Jackson proper but also in the surrounding area, so finding a provider near you shouldn’t be too difficult.

The two most common Medicare Advantage plans are Medicare Advantage HMO and Medicare Advantage PPO. HMO plans tend to have smaller networks, and you must use the providers within your network unless there is an emergency. PPO plans are larger networks, which means they have more flexibility. PPO plans allow you to see doctors outside of the network, but the catch is that they’re more expensive.

Most Medicare Advantage plans in Mississippi also cover prescription drugs. If that is the case, you do not need to enroll in a standalone Medicare Part D drug plan. Also, Medicare Advantage plans in Mississippi will typically cover all of your Part A, B, and D benefits. However, to access any of these services, you will still have to pay your copay’s.

Lastly, some Medicare Advantage plans will include extra’s, such as vision exams or even gym memberships. If you are not comfortable with the network restrictions that come with Medicare Advantage plans, you should look into a Medicare supplement plan.

Medigap Plans in Jackson, Mississippi

Medicare Supplement plans fill in the gaps that Original Medicare misses, such as deductibles and coinsurance. Fortunately, all Medicare has standardized all Medigap benefits, so whether you’re in Biloxi or Jackson, or all the way up in Alaska, Medigap plans will all offer the same coverage benefits. Of course, different plans will have different benefits, and costs do change based on your location.

Standardization gives you the freedom to shop between carriers. If you know want Medicare Supplement Plan G, you can look at all the different carriers with Plan G and pick the one with the best price. The benefits will be the same regardless of which company you buy your Medigap Plan G policy from.

In Jackson, there are 9 Medigap plans available, plus two high-deductible options. However, new enrollees can longer use Medigap Plan F, so if you’re new to Medicare, there are only 8 plans, plus one high-deductible option. Unfortunately, all Medigap plans that cover your Part B deductible have been phased out for new enrollees.

Mississippi state capital where many of the medicare concerns are addressed for the elderly of the state.
In Jackson, there are 9 Medigap plans available, plus two high-deductible options.

Mississippi Medigap Open Enrollment

The ideal time to enroll in any Medigap plan is during the Medigap Open Enrollment window. Your Open Enrollment window will start when you turn 65 or upon the effective date for your Medicare Part B. During this period, you can apply for any Medicare supplement plan that is available to you. Insurance companies cannot turn you down for any reason during your Open Enrollment window.

If you are under the age of 65 and on Medicare due to a disability or health condition, the Open Enrollment window also applies to you. Under these circumstances, you will have six months from the effective date of your Part B enrollment to enroll in a Medigap plan without health questions. You will receive an additional Open Enrollment window when you turn 65.

People on Medicare due to disabilities are generally charged much higher prices for supplement plans than people who are 65 and older, so the second Open Enrollment window is an excellent chance for you to lower your premiums.

Jackson Mississippi Medigap Part G Plan

This section is here to give you an idea of what one of the most popular Medigap plans in the U.S. looks like. Since Medicare Supplement Plan F has been phased out for new enrollees, Plan G’s enrollment rates have increased every single year.

Plan G is a really comprehensive Medigap plan. Under Plan G, you are not responsible for any out-of-pocket costs, except for your Medicare Part B deductible. In 2020, the Part B deductible was $198. Medigap Plan G also covers “excess charges.” Currently, doctor’s that do not accept full Medicare-approved payments can charge you up to 15% more than the Medicare-approved amount for services or procedures. This is called an “excess charge.” While most doctors accept the Medicare-approved payments, Plan G covers this just to be safe.

Medigap Plan G also has a high-deductible option. Using this option will lower your monthly premiums in exchange for a higher deductible.

Using Medicare’s Medigap Policy Tool, you can explore various Medigap policies in your area and find pricing estimates for the Plans.

Medicare in Jackson, Mississippi

If you’re living in the Jackson, Mississippi area, our licensed agents are here to help you enroll in Medicare so that you can receive the coverage you deserve. Medicare can be confusing, and new rules are rolled out frequently, but don’t let any of this get in your way of receiving the best coverage for the best value. There are a lot of options out there at all different price points, so call us today to help find a plan that suits your needs.


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