Medigap Policies for rural counties Mississippi


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There is a type of Medigap policy that has a network discount feature called a Select Medigap policy. There are 2 Select Plans is available in Alcorn County, plus 11 different standard Medigap policies. More than 60 companies offering Medigap policies in Alcorn County.

Medigap Policies

Select plans have a lower premium because a hospital has agreed to waive the Medicare Part A (Hospital) in-patient deductible.  Since the insurance company doesn’t have to pay the deductible to the hospital when the patient remains admitted, the Medigap insurance plan saves $1,340.  This savings does later moved on to the insured in the form of a lower premium.

Why would the hospital agree to waive the Medicare Part A deductible, you might ask. The answer is they are giving a discount to compete with other hospitals in the area. A Network agreement helps attract patients to the facility by making the patient’s insurance cheaper.

Magnolia Regional Health Center is the local hospital in Alcorn County, Mississippi, and they have agreed to participate as a Network hospital with at least one Medigap insurance company.   Magnolia Regional Health Center is a state-of-the-art facility offering a full range of care, including but not limited to Cancer Care, Cardiology, Behavioral Health, Critical Care, Diabetes Care, Home Health & Hospice, Surgical Services, Respiratory Care, Women’s Health, and more. There are some very talented health care professionals affiliated with MRHC.

Commissioner of Insurance of Mississippi Seal
The Mississippi Department of Insurance

Mississippi Department of Insurance

Not all Medigap plans are available as Select Plans. The Mississippi Department of Insurance has authorized Medigap Plans C and F to be known as Select plans. Still, not all insurance companies have this agreement with Magnolia Regional Health Center.

Select plans work the same as non-select plans as long as you use the network hospital, but remember, if you use a non-network hospital for in-patient care, you will be responsible for the Part A deductible of $1,340!

For more information about Medigap “Select” Plans, call Bobby Brock Insurance at 662-844-3300.

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