Mississippi Medicare Part D For 2016

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Each year Medicare Part D plan sponsors make changes to the plan premiums, copays, tier rankings and formularies. There may also be changes in quantity limits and step therapy requirements. You should receive a letter from your plan informing you of the changes for the coming year.

If you are not sure of what to do, you should also contact either our Belmont or Tupelo office to see which plan would be best for you in the coming year. We will research your drugs using the medicare.gov plan finder tool to help you decide the right plan for you.

Remember: If you do not change your plan by December 7th you will not be able to change it until the fall of 2016.

Some highlights for Part D plans next year include:

1. Some Cigna plans are having significant increases in premiums

2. Silverscript will be $17.30 per month with no deductible

3. Humana Walmart is increasing the premium to $18.40

4. Top 2016 Mississippi Medicare Plans will be Silverscript, Humana, AARP or Aetna.

Justin Brock

Justin Brock

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