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Mississippi Medicare/Medigap Insurance

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Bobby Brock specializes in Mississippi Medicare and Medigap insurance, but we are licensed in other states as well. We offer many types of life, health and Medicare plans from a variety of companies. As brokers, we are free to shop the market for out clients to find them the most coverage for their money from reputable companies. We are located in Mississippi but we are also licensed in many other states. We specialize in the following types of coverages:

What We Offer In Mississippi Medicare

  • Medicare Supplemental- Medigap insurance to pay Medicare deductibles and the 20% not paid by Medicare.
  • Medicare Advantage- Medicare Plans offered by private insurance companies approved by Medicare. These plans are designed to provide predictable copays for hospital and medical expenses and may include Part D prescription coverage. Protection against catastrophic medical expense is included.
  • Major Medical Insurance – Primary coverage to pay hospitals, doctors, etc.
  • Gap Insurance – Gap coverage to pay the Gaps in your Major Medical coverage like the deductibles and the 20% for major medical.
  • Life Insurance – Pays financial compensation for loss of income due to death of a breadwinner, business partner, or to pay off debts.
  • Disability Insurance – Replaces a portion of your income if you are disabled.
  • Long Term Care Insurance – Pays for home care, assisted living facilities or nursing home care when you cannot care for yourself due to chronic illness or cognitive impairment.
  • Dental Vision & Hearing Insurance – Insurance coverage to pay for your dental vision and hearing expenses.
  • Critical Illness Insurance – Insurance coverage to help cover out of pocket expenses from diseases such as cancer, heart attach and stroke. Non medical expenses are typically not covered by major medical or medicare. The benefits of this insurance are paid to you to use as you wish.
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We are located in Mississippi but we are also licensed in many other states to sell medicare and insurance.

What To Remember

When you are looking for outstanding coverage in medicare or insurance we would love to sit down and have one of our well established agents go over the options that are available to you. Feel free to contact our Tupelo office at anytime to set up an appointment.

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