Plan F vs Plan G as of February 2018

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Justin breaks down in layman’s terms what we discuss in our in person consultations with our clients. We can help anyone on the phone pick between these very popular Medicare Supplement or Medigap Plans.

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Pardon the video being up and down, I used this on Facebook. I’m trying to make the comparison as simple and to the point as possible here. Medicare Supplement or Medigap plans are often overcomplicated.

I often find that my customers want an easy explanation of which to get. So in layman’s terms, it depends on the person which is “BETTER”. With the Plan F, you’re paying for convenience, but over time, it will probably cost you a great deal extra because of higher statistical increases. This might still come in handy when you reach a much higher age and can’t remember what bills you owe, since the Plan F pays all costs associated with Medicare Part A and B. Plan G is definitely the better value. It still pays all of the main things, but you pay your own Part B deductible (currently $183 as of 2018). This plan saves you much more than that in premium typically, and it also saves you over time as the increases are historically lower. Yes, plan F is going away, but not until January 1st of 2020. And it is only going away for people that get Medicare After that date. So, if you have it before then, you can keep it. Also, if you got Medicare before then, you should still be able to purchase the Plan F, given there are still insurance companies offering it. I hope this helps with your decisions.

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