Six Things to Consider When Choosing a Medicare Supplement

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Medicare Supplement (Medigap) insurance can help cover the out-of-pocket expenses left by Original Medicare, such as copays and deductibles. There are many supplement plans to choose from, and there are many factors to weigh before you buy a policy. Each plan is different, and Bobby Brock Insurance can help you choose the right coverage for your health needs. When you shop Medicare supplements, consider the following:   

1) Costs

First, understand all the different costs and how they impact your coverage. Some supplement plans, like Plans K and L, have annual limits on how much you’ll pay out-of-pocket. When you compare policies, consider the deductibles, copays, hospital stays, and other medical expenses. The monthly premiums and annual deductibles will differ from plan to plan. For example, Plan F leaves you with no out-of-pocket costs, but it’s discontinued for new enrollees.  

2) Coverage 

Another factor to consider is the Medigap plan’s coverage. Does a certain plan cover all the medical services you need, like cancer screenings, transportation, surgeries, lab-work, durable medical equipment, and home health care? All Medicare Supplement plans offer standardized coverage, or the same basic benefits. Our agents will make sure you understand the Medigap plan’s terms of coverage.  

3) Other Current Coverage

If you’re still working and you get medical coverage from your employer, understand how your current plan works with Medicare. Before choosing a supplement plan, it’ll be crucial to know what is and isn’t covered by Medicare (or your Major Medical plan). Major Medical plans are what people describe as the usual health insurance coverage. By understanding your current insurance, you can choose the areas where you’d like to increase coverage.

4) Prescription Drugs

Next, are you pleased with your current prescription drug coverage? Consider the cost of your prescriptions under each plan. If you’re enrolled in Original Medicare, are you content with your Part D coverage? Some past Medigap policies covered prescription drugs, but your best bet is to join a separate Medicare Part D plan.     

5) Quality of Care

Consider how satisfied you are with your medical care. The quality of care and services differs among providers. Know what level of care you’re looking for, and let that play a role as you compare supplement plans. A Medicare broker can tell you how others have rated the care and services of your health plan.  

6) Travel

Generally, Original Medicare doesn’t cover services outside the U.S. However, you may be able to purchase supplemental insurance that includes travel coverage. In fact, standard Medigap plans C, D, F, G, M, and N all provide foreign travel emergency (health care) coverage when you go outside the U.S. If you travel often, be sure to factor this into your decision.   

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If you need help comparing Medicare supplement plans, reach out to the team at Bobby Brock Insurance. Our agents average over 12 years of experience in Medicare help. The best part is that we do it for free. Contact us online or call (662) 844-3300 today.

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