Health insurance can be confusing learn how the affordable care act affects family policies for yourself or your employees.

Which is better in 2019?: Medicare Advantage plans vs Medigap plans

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Sometimes, Original Medicare just doesn't cut it. Perhaps the costs you are left paying after an extended hospital stay are too high. Maybe you need chemo treatments, and the expenses are adding up quickly. Medicare alone does not cover all your medical costs. For instance, there is a $1,364 deductible for hospital stays. For outpatient [...]

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Health Insurance Under The New Law

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Unless you have an exemption, the Affordable Care Act now requires all citizens to carry health insurance. Subsidies are available for those individuals with low incomes. The subsidies will lower the premium and the deductibles. You must buy the insurance through to be eligible for the subsidy. There are tax penalties for those who [...]

Insurance Protection Against Life’s Perils

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Thanks to new advances in medical technology, the healthcare system in the United States can keep us feeling better and living longer than ever before. But all this comes at a price and it's not cheap. That is why health insurance is so important. New legislation requires everyone to participate in health insurance and anyone [...]