Medicare changes year by year from medicare supplement plans and the amount Medicare pays for medical care and prescriptions (Medicare Part D) we keep you up-to-date without the hype.

Traditional Medicare or Medicare Advantage

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Traditional Medicare is a fee for service health insurance plan for people over 65 and with certain disabilities. Fee for service means the health care provider is paid a fee for the healthcare service. Traditional Medicare allows you to use any doctor or hospital that accepts Medicare. There are deductibles, copays and the 20% which [...]

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Medicare Open Enrollment

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Medicare open enrollment is also called the Medicare Annual Election Period. Medicare open enrollment is October 15th through December 7th. During this time, you can make changes to your Medicare Plan. Medicare plans are your primary Medicare plan like Traditional Medicare or Medicare Advantage, or Part D prescription coverage. Medigap plans are not [...]

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A Future Without Medicare Plan F

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Medicare Plan F may change in the 2016 Medicare Changes For some time now, Medicare Plan F has been widely recognized as the most comprehensive Medicare Supplemental or “Medigap” coverage available, but that is about to change. Legislation passed on April 15th, 2015 will prohibit the sale of Medigap Plan F for those [...]

What is Medicare & How Do You Enroll?

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According to The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, as of 2014 there were 49,435,610 people enrolled in the Medicare program. Forbes magazine reports that about 10,000 people are enrolling in Medicare every day. If the trend continues, there will be 80,000 people enrolled by 2035. Most Medicare enrollees admit that they really don't know much [...]

Original Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage

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If you will be turning 65 soon, it’s time to learn about Medicare. You will be getting mail about Medicare plans from every insurance company you’ve ever heard of and some you haven’t. Although it’s very stressful, it is very important for you to learn enough about Medicare to make the right decision about which [...]

Medicare Celebrates Its 50th Birthday

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On July 30th 1965, President Lyndon Johnson sat in the Truman Library in Independence, Missouri with former President Harry Truman by his side. He was about to sign into law Title XVIII of the Social Security Act also known as Medicare. President Truman had long proposed a national healthcare plan, and it was in his [...]