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Phone: (662) 844-3300 • Fax: (662) 844-3400


144 S. Thomas St, Ste 106. Tupelo, MS 38801

How to Avoid 7 Costly Mistakes with Medicare

The rules pertaining to Medicare are confusing and the penalties and mistakes can be extremely costly. There are seven common mistakes people make that can cost them thousands of dollars and the freedom to choose their own doctor. Pretty bad stuff!

That’s why I prepared a free report –  

“How To Avoid Seven Costly Mistakes With Medicare”, and in it I will explain in simple terms:

  1. Enrollment Deadlines and How To Avoid Penalties
  2. Medigap Policies & the Open Enrollment Period
  3. When to Delay Enrollment in Medicare Part B
  4. Low Income Subsidies for Medicare Part D Prescription Plans
  5. The Difference Between Medicare Advantage and Medigap Plans
  6. What is Not Covered by Medicare
  7. Choosing a Part D Prescription Plan and the Importance of Annual Reviews

If you get good advice, all of these mistakes are avoidable, but you need Medicare help from an expert. Bobby Brock Insurance agents specialize in Medicare, and our agents are brokers who work for you and not the insurance company. Our brokers average over 12 years experience with Medicare, so call the experts!