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Justin Brock, as the CEO and President of Bobby Brock Insurance, holds a prominent position in the realm of Medicare advisory services. His standing as a nationally syndicated Medicare advisor is further solidified by his role as the best-selling author of the highly acclaimed book “Medicare Breakdown: The Alphabet Soup of Medicare.” With a track record of leadership, he has set the pace for over 20,000 insurance agents specializing in the senior market. His expertise in the Medicare and health insurance industry has garnered widespread recognition, resulting in numerous features in esteemed insurance-related publications. Justin also holds the title of Vice President for one of the most dynamic chapters within the National Association of Health Underwriters, showcasing his commitment to advancing the field. Additionally, Justin’s influence extends to the Forbes Expert Council on health insurance and Medicare, where he is a contributing member, and he actively serves as an advisory board member for both Manhattan Life Insurance Company and Aetna Life and Health Insurance Company. Justin’s extensive experience in the realm of Medicare, combined with his close involvement with tens of thousands of beneficiaries, has established him as a highly sought-after advocate for the rights and healthcare needs of senior citizens.

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