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Massachusetts Medicare Plans

Massachusetts Medicare Plans do not limit out-of-pocket costs unless they are paired with a Medicare Supplement. In all but three states Medicare Supplements, also known as Medigap plans, are standardized under federal law. Massachusetts is one of those three. 

As such, there are only two plans to choose from and they are not standardized from insurer to insurer. However, state law provides consumer protection such as the rule that premiums cannot vary based on age and another that prohibits pre-existing condition waiting periods.

Massachusetts Medicare plans open enrollment

Medicare beneficiaries in Maryland are eligible for Medicare at age 65. Initial enrollment begins three months before your birth month and lasts three months after. During initial enrollment, you can also apply for Medicare Supplements. 

Although you can enroll in a supplement at any time, initial enrollment is the best time to do so because you cannot be turned down due to your health. 

In Massachusetts, there is another Medigap guaranteed-issue, open enrollment period  that spans from February 1 to March 31.

Medigap Plans

Medicare Supplements in Massachusetts cover some of the deductibles and coinsurance left over by Original Medicare. 

This can save you thousands of dollars because Medicare only covers about 80% of your outpatient expenses. Original Medicare also does not have any limits on out-of-pocket costs. A supplement would put a cap on your out-of-pocket spending.

Another overlooked feature is you are not limited to any networks and choose to see any doctor that accepts Medicare.

Unlike other states, there are only two Medicare Supplement plans in Massachusetts. They are also not standardized like other states require. So, be sure to shop your coverage. Or, you can use our service to save you time, money, and to be sure you have the proper coverage as we will do all the shopping for you!

Medicare Advantage plans

Massachusetts has up to 44 Medicare Advantage plans available, depending on what county you live in. Also known as Medicare Part C plans, Medicare Advantage is a private Medicare plan that provides all Original Medicare benefits but also include extra benefits like dental, prescription drugs, and vision coverage.

Medicare Part D

While Original Medicare and Medicare Supplement plans don’t offer coverage for prescription drugs, there is an option to enroll in Medicare Part D. There are 26 Part D plans available in Massachusetts in 2019. If you don’t want to pay out-of-pocket for your prescriptions, be sure to look into Medicare Advantage or a standalone Part D plan.

How we can help

Our licensed Massachusetts Medicare Plans specialists are available to help you at absolutely no charge to you. We pride ourselves on assisting you finding you a plan that fits your needs. Because Medicare Supplement plans are not standardized in Massachusetts, you’ll need to be sure you are getting the best price and proper coverage. We will shop your policy for you for free. 

Let us help so you can feel comfortable knowing you’re getting the best value for your healthcare coverage.

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