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What to do if your Medicare card expires?

What to do if your Medicare card expires

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Listed on your Medicare card is its effective date and expiration date, which states when the card will expire. It takes around 30 days to process a renewal, so allow enough time to renew the card before its expiration date.

When your card is nearing its expiration date, the Social Security Administration will mail you a renewal notification. By following the instructions on the renewal notification, you can request a new card. You can alternatively renew your card in person, over the phone, or online. To call Medicare, simply dial 1-800-MEDICARE or TTY 1-877-486-2048. You can visit Medicare’s website through your login at myMedicare or navigate the resources section to find the link to renew your Medicare ID card. If you choose to visit your local Social Security office in person, bring a government-issued photo ID and the renewal notification along with your Medicare ID card to ensure you have the proper documentation to handle everything in one visit. If you receive Medicare through the Railroad Retirement Board, you will need to visit rrb.gov for instructions to renew. Your new Medicare Card will arrive by mail after up to 30 days, regardless of which route you take to renew.

Generally, you do not need to renew your Medicare every year as long as you continue to pay your premiums. You can renew your plan and file for a new card easily with the help of Social Security’s or the Railroad Retirement Board’s website.

Medicare Renewal

There are other circumstances that can prompt renewal of your Medicare plan. When you need to renew your coverage, you likely fall under one of these conditions:

  • Medicare ended its contract with your plan
  • Your plan left the Medicare program
  • Your plan did not renew its contract with Medicare for the next year
  • Your plan made changes to its service area, and you now live outside of the coverage area

If your plan did not renew its contract and you are in need of a new plan, you have a Special Enrollment Period from December 8 to February 31 to enroll in a new plan. Your new coverage will begin one month after you enroll.

If your Medicare Advantage or Part D plan terminates its contract with Medicare, you have a three month window Special Enrollment Period to enroll in a new plan. This begins two months before the plan is set to terminate and extends for one month after.
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