Part D Estimated Costs

What’s the Cost of Medicare Part D

We often get asked about specific drug costs for Medicare Part D, so we composed a data table for you to see. This table simulates a formulary and estimates the cost of refilling individual prescriptions. It includes the following:

  • Both brand name and generic drugs — organized by type — for prevalent chronic conditions in the United States.
  • The corresponding cost of refilling a prescription for that drug (after meeting the deductible) for the cheapest PDP and MA plans.
  • The retail cost, without medical insurance.

You can use the table to compare the savings from PDP and MA plans.

How Much is Medicare Part D?

The estimated drug costs are from Medicare.gov and based on prescriptions for the daily recommended dosage — refilled every 30 days — at a Walmart pharmacy in the 38801 zip code. If a generic drug version was not covered, then a brand name was used to estimate the cost (indicated by a ^). Some drugs are included multiple times because they are used to treat many conditions. If someone takes more than one prescription drug, they can approximate their total costs by adding the drug together. However, they need to ensure their actual plan covers their combination of medicines before purchasing.

How to Get Help with Medicare Part D Costs

Our agents are here to help you find the most affordable option that will give you the most benefits. They will add all of your prescriptions to a list to make sure they are not only covered but to let you know what you can expect to pay for each one. Give us a call now, or use our compare rates form to see rates in your area on Part D plans now.

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