Is It Better To Apply for Medicare Online or In-Person?

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There are different ways to apply for Medicare, such as online or in-person. Depending on what you prefer, you can choose any of the two options.

Applying for Medicare Online

If you are eligible for Medicare, you can apply online. Applying online is the easiest way to enroll for Medicare as it does not involve going to a Social Security Office. It also takes the least amount of time. To apply for Medicare online, you can visit the Social Security Administration website at 

Once you visit the webpage, you will see a menu containing different actions you can perform on the website. One of the actions you can perform is Apply for Medicare. 

With the online application, you have the option to enroll in Medicare Part A or Medicare Part B. Most beneficiaries will receive premium-free Part A, but not Part B. This means you can choose to turn down Part B, but keep in mind that later enrollment in Part B can result in late enrollment penalties. This late enrollment penalty will be permanent and added to your monthly Part B premium.

Suppose you are within three months of turning 65 but are not ready to start your Social Security benefits. In that case, you can use the online retirement application instead to apply just for Medicare. Then, you will be able to apply for your retirement or spouses benefits later on. If you choose to apply for Medicare this way, it should not take any longer than 10 minutes, and there is typically no documentation required.

Applying for Medicare online is the easiest way to enroll as it offers much freedom and ease, but an agent with Bobby Brock Insurance can help you go through this process if you are in need of assistance.

Applying In-Person

Another way to apply for Medicare is by enrolling in person. Enrolling in person may take longer than applying online. However, enrolling in person does have its quirks. For example, you can submit sensitive documents or information without worrying about security. Also, if you need additional help, you can request further assistance at the Social Security office. 

You can find your local Social Security office through the office locator on the Social Security Administration website. To avoid waiting in line, you can call to make an appointment. 

You will also need to bring the necessary documents along with you, such as your original birth certificate, proof of citizenship, a copy of military service papers, or a copy of your W-2 form. 

Enrolling in Medicare online or in-person is ultimately up to you, but regardless of which option you choose, there will always be someone who can help if you need it. For more information about enrolling or applying for Medicare, contact Bobby Brock Insurance today.

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