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Which Vision Insurance Covers Lasik?

Prescription eyeglasses and contacts are a necessity for many people. While those glasses and contacts help bring life into focus, many find that after years of depending on contacts or glasses, they would love the ability to see clearly without them. LASIK surgery makes that possible for a multitude of

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Medicare and Dental Coverage: What You Should Know

Proper dental care is essential for seniors, but unfortunately, Original Medicare doesn’t cover most dental services. Having to pay out-of-pocket is not ideal, and it causes many beneficiaires to waive dental treatments altogether. Bobby Brock Insurance will explain what you need to know about Medicare and dental coverage. The Importance

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Medicare Vision Benefits

As vision expenses continue to increase, many of our clients ask us if Medicare covers vision. This is a complex question because while Medicare might cover vision in certain capacities, it fails to cover it under the most basic and routine circumstances. Original Medicare vision benefits Part B of Medicare

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Mississippi Medicare/Medigap Insurance

Bobby Brock specializes in Mississippi Medicare and Medigap insurance, but we are licensed in other states as well. We offer many types of life, health and Medicare plans from a variety of companies. As brokers, we are free to shop the market for out clients to find them the most

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