The Medicare Song

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Our Newest agent was learning all about Medicare, and put together a tune we just call the Medicare Song. Yes, it might be corny, but we try to have a good time.

Here it is:

Also, we are talking to WTVA about recording it with higher audio quality.

You can see the Facebook version with Subtitles on Justin Brock’s page at https://www.facebook.com/login/?next=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fthejustinbrock


Now this might sound a little pitchy,
like i'm trying to sell you a line,
but this song's for you if you're turning 65

So get out your pad and pencil, 
to take a few notes
We're bout to clear the air on Medicare 
so everybody knows

Part A is automatic
at the first of the month
It's room and board and a little more
and you'll save a bunch

And Part B's for goods and services that you might acquire
but no need to activate unless you're retired

And Part C's not the advantage that you might suppose
It's limited on coverage and full of other holes

And Part D is necessary
The drug plan's are find
Or you'll get hit with one percent for the rest of your life

Medicare's confusing there's no doubt about that
Won't you give us a shot, see what we've got, we've got your back
There's no need to fret y'all, there's no need to fear
We wanna help you help yourself that's why we are here
We're here to help you save, on your Medicare today. 

Well if you've done your homework, you've heard about some plans
We'll take all of your choices and we'll put em in your hands
There's not a whole lot to discuss here, cuz there's really only three
No need to overcomplicate, we'll keep it short and sweet

Plan F it pays fully, it'll fill all the gaps
There's no deductibles and it's all cool, just don't let it lapse

And Plan G is the greatest value, despite having to pay
But $183 is nothing, compared to what you will save

And Plan N is a little different, but it's a whole lot like G
Different Flies and Lower Price and a few extra fees

Repeat Chorus Twice
Justin Brock

Justin Brock

The CEO and President of Bobby Brock Insurance. A nationally syndicated Medicare advisor, best-selling author of Medicare Breakdown: The Alphabet Soup of Medicare, and pacesetter for over 20,000 senior market insurance agents. Featured in many insurance-related publications for his Medicare and Health insurance... Read More »

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